Baking a Birthday Cake with Bakedbeauty420

<p>What is good what is up you guys welcome back to my channel bitttccchhh! Today&#39;s video I decided I wanted to geet high asf and make myself a birthday cake so thats exactly what I did! Shout out to my boyfriend for helping me make the cake and not burn down the house lmaooo! I hope you guys enjoy this video! Also sorry I didn&#39;t get it up yesterday (Aka My birthday) but I was honestly too drunk to upload anything. Now should I do a drunk get ready with me now that I&#39;m 21!? Let me know in the comments! Don&#39;t forget to SUBSCRIBE!</p> <p>WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME</p> <p>Insta: @_bakedbeauty420_</p>