Helping People Join the Burgeoning Cannabis Workforce - CiC w/ Matt Hoffman of Our Cannabis

<p>Ep. 29 - Helping People Join the Burgeoning Cannabis Workforce</p> <p>With the current unemployment rate as high as it is, and the cannabis industry creating jobs at unprecedented numbers, it&#39;s almost the perfect match. However, the first step is landing the interview, and what do you need to land an interview, a resume. For many of those who have become unemployed over the past year, this is not always a skill set they remember or they&#39;ve been at their current job for over a quarter century. It&#39;s not something they&#39;ve ever had to do.</p> <p>On this episode of Careers in Cannabis recorded on 1/13/2021, Ashley Manning talked with the founder of the nonprofit Our Cannabis, Matthew Hoffman. Matt&#39;s company is helping to assist those who are ready to make the career change into cannabis by working either one-on-one, or in a virtual class on building their resume cover letters, mock interviews, salary negotiation (yes you can negotiate a salary in the cannabis industry), as well as giving career seekers insights from someone who&#39;s been working firsthand in the cannabis industry for quite some time. All for free.</p> <p>Our Cannabis Website:</p> <p>On Careers in Cannabis, talks with staffing agencies and cannabis companies to explore employment and career opportunities in the burgeoning cannabis industry.</p> <p>To reach the show:</p>