February 2022 Stoney Babe "Dab Queen" Mystery Unboxing | The Kawaii Stoner Babe

<p>Is anybody else fascinated with the fact that today is 2/22/22 AND it&#39;s a TUESday?</p> <p>Anyway, it&#39;s the perfect time to unbox this Dab Queen Mystery Box from The Stoney Babe Box! The Dab Queen box is separate from the main themed subscription box that Stoney Babe offers, and is $35 plus shipping. As far as I know, this box changes monthly but I&#39;m not sure if it follows a theme, if it does and it&#39;s blatantly obvious to you that this is a theme, please let me know ?</p> <p>Follow me on Instagram for more stoner content @tamedfangirl</p> <p>Wanna send me mail?</p> <p>PO Box 784</p> <p>Chateaugay NY, 12920</p>