Woman Surprises Son And Husband On Christmas By Changing Son's Middle Name To His Late Uncle's | Happily TV

A mom gave her 11-year-old son a beautiful surprise when she revealed that she had changed his middle name to that of his beloved late uncle – the first father figure she said he had, who had helped raise the youngster. The moment was a double surprise for Roselyn Kodack's family, as she also revealed to her son that she had changed his last name to that of his stepdad, her new husband – a surprise that even he didn’t know was coming. Roselyn, 34, from Pittston, Pennsylvania, was raised by her sister and brother-in-law, Scott, who became her legal guardian in her teens. When Roselyn's son, Cole, was born, she struggled to raise him financially as a single mom, but Scott and Nicole offered to help, and Cole became incredibly close to his Uncle Scott. The pair would build LEGO structures together, spending hours bonding as they made their way through different sets tied to the likes of Star Wars, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. After Scott passed in August 2019, aged 50, Cole had a tough time accepting that his uncle was gone. Over the years that followed, Cole kept a memory book of his uncle, a grievance bear to remind him of Scott, and also wore Scott's wedding band around his neck on a necklace, often pulling it out to explain the necklace was a way of keeping his uncle's memory alive. After Roselyn married her husband, Anthony Kodack, 28, in September 2023, she began changing Cole's last name to Kodack, too, at which point she got the idea of adding "Scott" as his middle name. Neither Anthony nor Cole knew about the name change, which Roselyn said was granted on November 27, so she decided to break the news to them on Christmas Day at her sister Nicole's home. With Cole reaching for the last gift under the tree, Anthony saw a message for him, too, in which Roselyn explained her love and appreciation for him. Then, with Cole and Anthony seated together, Cole opened a pillow in his favorite Pittsburgh Steelers’ colors, spelling out his new name: Cole Scot