StrawberryKush/SuperLemonHaze live sugar resin

<p>This DannK shit is from GTI, their live sugar resin. It is really amazing. Not often i give praise like this. Makes sense i like it so much because the strawberry kush live resin sugar is my favorite product in the entire PA medical market. Hands down no doubt abt it. Strawberry Kush lineage is Strawbeery Cough x OG Kush. So that mixed with Super Lemon Haze which lineage is Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze. Its pretty dank shit. Starts off real racey and speedy then settles down for a more mellow but still focused and zoney stoned. Totally dig this. However, i do like the just Strawberry Kush live resin sugar more then this STK/SLH combo. I like the more body heavy stones, but this is great to start your day off with.</p>