Should A Weak Plant Be Cut Down + Grow Journal Update

<p>Today, the 4-week update to the current Grow Journal and a discussion of what to do with sickly or weak plants that are not holding up well relative to the others in the space.</p> <p>YOU can help me LOTS by visiting my Grow Gear shop - The MarsHydro 1600 can be found there too:</p> <p>Get SEEDS anywhere on Seedsman AND help the show (pause adblock if won&#39;t open...also, save this SPECIAL DEAL link!):</p> <p>Need 1-on-1 help from me? See my Club page for info:<br /> <br /> My Facebook -<br /> My Twitter -<br /> My Instagram -<br /> <br /> Lex on Vimeo -<br /> Lex on Bitchute -</p>