PASSING FUNDAMENTALS 1 - Drill For Winning Passes • Ages 6-9

PASSING FUNDAMENTALS 1 – Drill for Winning Passes Ages 6-9. English FA coach, Neil McKay, teaches a simple drill on passing the ball accurately. Set up two disc cones a few yards apart and another set 8-10 yards away. Players will step into the ball and place their plant foot beside the ball, pointing it to where the pass is going. For their passing leg they should open up their knee and bend it slightly. Pointing their toe out and using the curved inside of their foot they will pass the ball to the adjacent player before following across. Make sure they have a smooth follow through with the kicking leg and then step forward after the pass. Keep the drill to be two touch, with a soft receiving touch forward, with eyes up before making a smooth and accurate pass. To increase the degree of difficulty, have the players switch to weak foot only for receiving and passing.