Adam Schiff: "We're Not There Yet" On Impeachment, "Destined For Failure In The Senate"

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on ABC's "This Week" that House Democrats are "not there yet" on impeaching President Trump: <blockquote>STEPHANOPOULOS: And now, you've been supporting the speaker as she holds the line against impeachment but the pressure is building. Can you hold the line? REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D), HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Well, look, I think we're going to do what's right for the country and at this point, the speaker has not reached the conclusion and I haven't had either it's best for the country to put us through an impeachment proceeding that we know is destined for failure in the Senate. Now that calculus may change if the president continues to stonewall, if the president continues to demonstrate his unfitness for office. There may be little additional cost to going through that process. It is in a way, even if unsuccessful in the Senate, the ultimate form of censure in the House. But we’re not there yet and I think if it is a close call, close calls go against putting the country through that. We have an important legislative agenda to try to advance, we have important oversight work we can do outside the context of impeachment, and I think at this point that is still the preferred course.</blockquote>