Jan San 2021 The Next Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic shined a spotlight on the JanSan industry, forever changing the way the world views cleaning. This webinar will discuss the state of the JanSan industry in 2021 and what to expect moving forward. Featuring leaders from different industry sectors, listeners will gain insight on how manufacturers, distributors, and building service contractors were impacted over the last year and how they stepped up to meet heightened demand, new regulations, and much more. The following questions will be addressed: What have JanSan companies done to adapt to the new era of cleanliness? What new challenges and opportunities are on the horizon for each industry sector? How will the industry remain at the forefront after the pandemic? The presentation will include a roundtable discussion with key industry leaders, including: Laura Mahecha, Industry Manager, Kline and Company; Patrick Mullin, COO, Harvard Maintenance; Jason Tillis, President, Imperial Dade; and Christine Tucker, Vice President and General Manager, The Clorox Company. The webinar will conclude with a brief Q&A.