Trichome Institute Interview with Max Montrose

Pick up your Interpening Kit today! Created by Max Montrose of the Trichome Institute the Interpening Kit teaches you how to assess your cannabis. Check out everything the ≈ has to offer! Become a Cannabis Sommelier. Trichome Institute on Twitter! Max Montrose on Instagram! Trichome Institute on Instagram! Trichome Institute on Facebook! A big Thank You to The List Exchange for our use of their space! Check these guys out! Special thanks to our guest editor Jessica Gardner on this episode. Find out more about her here: When the 420 Science Club visited Denver, they stopped and met Max Montrose and his team at the Trichome Institute. These guys have created the Interpening System – a guide for evaluating your bud by plant structure and terpenes. If you thought you knew something about cannabis, the Trichome Institue guys will have you learning something new at every turn! So Gary and Brandon sat down and got a crash course in cannabis evaluation and learned a whole bunch of fantastic info. Max had a massive amount of information about his Trichome Institute and Interpening Kit to share with the Club, so I think I'm going to let him tell you all about it. We are proud to have the Interpening Kit available on our website– –so you can evaluate your cannabis wherever you are! Sit back and enjoy this ridiculously informative episode of the 420 Science Club. We are 420 Science, the most trusted online headshop! We feature a variety of products to help you get the most of your best cannabis experience! From beginner to expert, we can accommodate any need you may have: water pipes to spoons, wax wallets and, of course, our 420 Jars. Check out our array of 420 Jar sizes for both flower or concentrates, Small to Extra Large, each with a decorative decal to fit your lifestyle! Don't forget about RezBlock and Smoke Soap to keep your glass sparkling clean! We feature products from PURR, Diamond Glass, Opinicus 9, PAX, Dime Bags, Magic Flight, Bear Mountain Studios, Mount Baker, KandyPens, Incredibowl and much more. 420 Science is also the largest online retailer of Grav Labs Glass including STAX, Helix, and the Gravitron. From tasters to torches and everything in between, we’re your one-stop online headshop! Be sure to join our Mailing List for weekly updates and mega giveaways: Sign up for our monthly contest giveaways: Find us on Social Media: Instagram- Twitter- Facebook- Also, follow the 420 Science Club on Instagram at