One Minute Tip - Lift at Contact for Great Forehands

ONE MINUTE TIP - LIFT AT CONTACT FOR GREAT FOREHANDS. SportsEdTV Director of Tennis, John Eagleton, shows a great tip for improving the consistency and depth of your forehand. Start by standing close to the net in your base. With your hands up, feed yourself a ball and roll it over the net, lifting at contact with your trigger finger. Make sure you are finding the contact point with the arm fully extended. Work on your spacing. Rotate fully on your finish. Hit a few, then move back a couple of steps and repeat. As you move back, practice lifting at contact to shape the ball (create topspin) and make sure you are hitting the ball deep into the court. Feel the ball rotating off your racquet strings. Practice this drill until you get the same feeling and results rallying with your practice partner or opponent.