Ep.1// DAB Review// Hellsing ULTIMATE

6 stars out of 10 <br><br>Recommended Anime<br><br>SPOILER ALERTS!!! <br><br>Hellsing Ultimate, can be found on Crunchyroll.<br><br>Join Ngimane Ngelale, The Lovely Jai, and Isaac aka ImHungry as they take their 1st look at Hellsing Ultimate. A vampire anime that takes place in the early 1900s. <br><br>There's drama, gore, action, and even some love scenes. <br><br>Please follow Smacked Facts Ent. on Instagram &amp; Twitch!<br><br><br>All social medias below<br><br><br>Instagram<br><br>@ngimanengelale<br><br>@thelovelyjai<br><br>@imhungryi<br><br><br>Twitch<br><br>twitch.tv/smackedfactsent<br><br>twitch.tv/imhungryi<br><br><br>Discord<br><br>smackedfactsent#6033<br><br>ImhungryI#7040<br><br><br><br>