MarissaGone: Smoke with Me and Ashwaganda

Just Moringa, Ashwaganda, and I... Starting to put together my first care package for a sick friend and I read up on the healing properties of Moringa & Ashwaganda and all it's natural haleing it can do. Impressed on how overly healthy it is for us, I made a video to spread the word! Check this out... According to the ever so popular NIH public database, they've reported/ recorded the following: On Moringa Oleifera: "On the Internet, M. oleifera is variably labeled as Miracle Tree, Tree of Life, Mother’s Best Friend, God’s Gift to Man, Savior of the Poor. In many regions of Africa, it is widely consumed for self-medication by patients affected by diabetes, hypertension, or HIV/AIDS" And On Ashwaganda: "The drug can be used as an adjunct to cancer chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Besides having an anti-cancer effect it will also reduce the side effects of anti-cancer agents, which invariably reduce immunity and quality of life." Plants are the key!