Transplanting Clones In Growers Foam Into 1 Gallon Pots With Coco! Also Final Cured Weight of 3LBS!! With A Look At A Couple Finished Buds!!

<p>Time to transplant! How I do it,soak my coco to buffer it with cal/mag, Voodoo juice, and a light first feeding. For a healthy start to life!</p> <p>Also the cure is done on the last run and the final weight is in at 3LBS!! Fromthe 4 plants grown under the M series units from Morsen led! Check out Morsen Led&#39;s growlights at or and increase your yeilds!! 40% more growth over HID lighting, Morsen&#39;s leds have UV &amp; IR and are full spectrum! The M series has extra red band diodes to promote flowering! Their S series has extra blue band diodes for vegetative growth!</p> <p>So this starts out week one of veg, Lets see if we can replicate in this run that same 40% increase in growth!</p>