THE CRUYFF TURN - Winning Soccer Skill • Ages 10+

THE CRUYFF TURN - Winning Soccer Skill for Ages 10+. USSF certified coach and former NAIA All-American Mike Araujo describes the Cruyff Turn technique in this soccer dribbling video. The first version of this drill should be done while static so players can get the feel for the movement. This move fakes a shot or pass to put the opposing defenders off balance, and then takes the attacker in the other direction. It is most common for midfielders and attackers to use, but even defenders can use this to fake a clearance and then change directions to pass the ball to a teammate. Players should practice selling the fake by taking a big step before, raising their non-dominant hand, and looking up right before as if to check their target. By practicing this movement while dribbling at speed in the second progression, players will be prepared to use this in a game. The Cruyff Turn can be practiced anywhere and anytime, alone or as part of a team drill.