Pelosi: Public Wants Impeachment Now Because They Don't Understand The Process

Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared frustrated that so many people are calling for the House to impeach the president now without truly understanding how the process works. At her weekly press conference Wednesday morning, Pelosi said: <blockquote>SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: What's important for people to know, first of all, I travel all the time in the country. Do you know that most people think impeachment means you're out of office? Did you ever get that feeling or are you just in the bubble here? They think if you get impeached, you're gone, and that is completely not true. And I may have thought that myself 50 years ago. You get impeached and it is an indictment. An indictment. So when you're impeaching somebody, you want to make sure you have the strongest possible indictment because it is not the means to an end that people think. All you do, vote to impeach, bye bye birdie. It isn't that. It is an indictment, so you want to have the best possible indictment. Going through the legal process in a way that shows accommodation, that we need to get the courts to rule in our favor because we've done it correctly and the rest. </blockquote>