TURNING ON THE BALL - Winning Soccer Skill • Ages 10-13

TURNING ON THE BALL - Winning Soccer Skill for Ages 10-13. In this soccer training video, Virginia State Cup Champion and U15 Boca Head Coach Tyler Cornelio explains a drill to practice turning while dribbling. Players dribble from one cone to another in a straight line, and once reaching the cone they use the sole of their foot to pull the ball back and turn 180 degrees, and then dribble back to the first cone. Being able to turn directions quickly and without losing control is very important for players of every position. This skill will help a team retain possession when under pressure, as well as create space to pass to a teammate. Players should focus on keeping complete control of the ball during this movement, and once that is mastered it should be done at speed to replicate a game scenario. In the next progression shown, players put their foot on the ball and jump around it, then allowing them to drag the ball back for another turn. This move can be used to fake a change of direction, or help a player get his or her body in between the ball and the defender. This drill can be done with a team or alone, and from anywhere.