Couple Surprise Grandma By Decorating Her Home For Christmas | Happily TV

A grandma who used to "decorate her home for Christmas to the max" but is now too old to do so was given a beautiful surprise when her granddaughter secretly gave her apartment a festive makeover. Grandma Allena [pron: uh-lean-uh] couldn’t believe her eyes as she entered her room at her assisted living facility in Suwanee, Georgia – first being surprised by a wreath on her door, and then catching sign of her vibrant Christmas interior. According to Allena's granddaughter, Jordyn Wilson, 32, her grandmother always loved decorating her home at Christmas – be it with wreathes, a "beautiful tree," or garlands. But with age now catching up with Allena, who lives alone after her husband’s passing, she was unable to decorate her home this year, telling her family it felt a little "dark" due to the lack of festive cheer. When Jordyn and her husband Pete – who live in Franklin, Tennessee – discovered this, they decided to plan a makeover when they were next in town. As Jordyn's mom took Allena out for a coffee, she and Pete headed to a local store on November 27, where they purchased a variety of Christmas decorations and set them up in about 30 minutes.