For The Love Of Tog

With a face only a mother could love, the tautog is beloved by fishermen throughout the Northeast who extend their seasons by targeting this quick-hitting, hard-fighting bottom fish deep into the winter. Presented by Grundens. Gear: Grundens GORE-TEX Charter Jacket ( Grundens Dawn Patrol Jacket ( Grundens Deck Boss Fishing Boots ( Grundens Deck Hand Hoodie ( Grundens Petrus 116 Sport Fishing Pants ( Grundens Hauler Bib ( Grundens Dark and Stormy Sport Fishing Jacket and Bib ( Grundens Eat Tuna Trucker Hat ( Grundens Kryptek Highlander Camo Trucker Hat ( S&S Bucktails White Chin Wrecker Jigs ( Tidal Tails Craggy Banana Head Blackfish Jig ( Tsunami Slimwave 6'4" MH Spinning Rod Tsunami Slimwave 7' MH Spinning Rod Tsunami Evict 3000 Spinning Reel Special Thanks to Team Woozy!