How to make Cannabis AppleSauce | Making Applesauce with Cannabis

<p>Who can resist the smooth, fresh, flavorsome taste of homemade THC Infused Applesauce?</p> <p>The great thing is, you can make delicious, blended applesauce from home in less than an hour. Infusing cannabis into the apples truly makes it a &lsquo;special sauce&rsquo;. Cannabis-infused applesauce is an incredible food to have in your fridge at all times.</p> <p>Ingredients to make THC infused Applesauces: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqbVBJWHNMRWZQdjI4eWVTV3hrbGQ0WFJUbzlnQXxBQ3Jtc0tsQnctSHJIdHB6UkpsOFMwSjJxeTJ1MjA0NUpCbDhiM3NhSWoxRWxGM0x5MHhUclE5b1lCQnVlVXBBV1BVMnlWRTRkMUpaSFdvQTlSeC1qVUhOal91VVZNejhuTEs5VERNX3ltN3FLX2dNcnJrd3lNUQ&amp;" target="_blank"></a></p> <p>Timestamp : Infused Applesauces <a href=";t=0s">0:00</a> Intro <a href=";t=13s">0:13</a> making applesauce <a href=";t=290s">4:50</a> outro</p> <p>