THE WEGERLE - Winning Foot Skills • Ages 14-16

THE WEGERLE - Winning Foot Skills, Ages 14-16 In this final Winning Foot Skills progression for High School level athletes, Coach Henry names this drill sequence after our Director of Soccer, Roy Wegerle, for the astounding quick dribbling and sharp turns he displayed in his impressive career. The Wegerle uses only four Speed & Agility poles, or cones if available, focusing on change of direction after beating a defender and exploding with a change of speed. The player starts to dribble towards the first pole and immediately after going around the outside, they burst into speed towards the next pole and repeat in a zig-zag pattern. Coach recommends to work this drill every day, or as much as possible, to increase the skill of exploding in change of speed after beating a defender with a move or turn.