America Is Retreating From Global Leadership Debate

It’s been a year of the Biden administration. And for many around the world, the question is simple: Can America still lead like it used to? Many who recall the era after the fall of the Berlin Wall remember Washington as both powerful and ascendant. The world’s only superpower boasted a level of military and economic supremacy seldom seen in the modern day. And that juggernaut was coupled with a clear and abundant desire to influence the global order. In many ways, things have changed. With China’s competitive rise, a revanchist Russia exercising greater influence in eastern Europe, and American retrenchment in places like Afghanistan and Syria, the role of U.S. leadership is less clear. President Biden, following his predecessor's “America First” policy, promised to “restore the soul of America.” Many took that to mean Washington was looking to reassert itself as the pre-eminent global leader. But some say that ship has sailed, and question whether the tables have decidedly turned. In light of this emerging divide, we debate this question: Is America retreating from global leadership? =================================== Subscribe: Official site: I IQ2US Twitter: IQ2US Facebook: ===================================