ShaggyGrower's seedling/early veg closet grow. A Valentines update of my ladies

<p>A walk through my closet grow. In here are my seedlings and young plants.</p> <p>I&#39;ve four cultivars of my own creation, BloodHaze, BloodRoses, BloodRhino and BloodX. These are first generation, so I&#39;m just growing them to see what pheno&#39;s are in there.</p> <p>There also a couple of Zambeza Seeds auto&#39;s, Vanilla Ice and Jack the Ripper.</p> <p>Lighting provided by Mars Hydro (TS 600). Shogun Fertilisers provide the nutrients. Sensor Push provide the ambient temperature and humidity monitoring, and TNB Naturals provide the supplemental CO2.</p> <p>They&#39;re all sat on a heat mat, very important for young plants to keep the media warm.</p>