MJ Arsenal Mini Rig Review! | Bakedbeauty420

<p>Hey beech! I am so happy to be back with another video! This one was kinda highly requested over on my Instagram! In Today&#39;s video I am reviewing Mj Arsenals mini rigs! The Claude, Ursa and Mini Jig to be exact! The mini Jig I did purchase on my own and then Mj Arsenal was kind enough to me 2 more mini rigs!!! I am beyond impressed with these rigs! The only thing I wish I would&#39;ve had is a proper carb cap! (probably gonna order one off of thier website!) I also just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who comes over to theweedtube to watch my videos! Thank you for being there still through this huge transition in my life! I love you guys so much! I wouldn&#39;t be where I am if it wasn&#39;t for all of you!! Xoxo Bakedbeauty420</p> <p>Where else to smoke with me?!?</p> <p>IG:https://www.instagram.com/_bakedbeauty420_/?hl=en<br /> Twitter:https://twitter.com/_bakedbeauty420?lang=en</p>