Cape Cod Bass - OTW Shorts

Overshadowed by world-class saltwater fishing, the Cape Cod largemouth bass fishery is arguably the best in the Northeast. Presented by On The Water Media and St. Croix Rods Tackle Used: The St. Croix BassX series includes both spinning and casting models, fabricated from quality SCII graphite blanks and finished with premium components, putting them in a class of their own at the $100 price point. There are 14 models, covering the most popular bass fishing techniques from drop-shotting to big swim baits. St. Croix BassX BXC711HMF St. Croix BassX BXS71MF St. Croix BassX BXS71MHF St. Croix BassX BXC71MF Quantum Vapor PT 100HPT Quantum Energy E2SPTID Real Prey 6.5″ Alewife Huddleston 6″ Trout StormR AERO Special thanks to Captain Kevin Gould.