'In 6 weeks, cases doubled': WHO chief says Covid pandemic accelerating

The Director General of the World Health Organisation commented on the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Addressing a press conference, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that July 30 would mark 6 months since the international health body declared Covid to be a global health emergency. He reminded everyone that although this was the sixth time that a global emergency had been declared by WHO, Covid was 'easily the most severe'. Number of infections have doubled across the world in just 6 weeks, reported Ghebreyesus while stating that wherever the basic tenets of prevention aren't followed, cases are bound to rise. The official Covid tally is nearing the 1.6 crore-mark across the world, while over 6.4 lakh people have died due to the disease so far. Scientists across the globe are still racing to create a vaccine with a few candidates, like the one being developed by Oxford university and pharma company AstraZeneca, inspiring hope. Ghebreyesus also said that he would be reconvening the Emergency Committee this week, as required by the International Health Regulations. The Committee will 're-evaluate' the pandemic and 'advise' the WHO chief accordingly.