Even More PINK Stoner Stuff | The Kawaii Stoner Babe

<p>Thanks so much for watching! Just in time for Valentine&#39;s Day, I&#39;m adding some more pink and hearts to my stoner collection!</p> <p>What do you think we should name my big girl bong?</p> <p>Hello Kitty dab tool and concentrate container- dreamyunwind.com</p> <p>Dab Cap- originaldabcap.com</p> <p>Huge Pink Bong- shopburninglove.com</p> <p>Follow me on Instagram @tamedfangirl</p> <p>Wanna send me mail?</p> <p>Autumn L</p> <p>PO Box 784</p> <p>Chateaugay NY, 12920</p>