Finishing Up Veg Weeks 9-10 And Installing Semi-Automatic Watering System

<p>**This video is intended for 21+ audience. If you are not 21+ please don&#39;t watch this!**</p> <p>Hi everyone my name is Nick and welcome to my channel I&#39;m Easy Growing! Don&#39;t forget to Like! Comment! And Subscribe! Be sure to turn on those bell notifications. I post videos every two weeks covering different grows to keep things interesting. Be sure to check out some of the links down below! For example check out my brothers Twitch channel! Link is right below. Otherwise I have links to all the equipment I am using down below as well. If you would like to check out MARS HYDROS website the link is also down below. My discount code for MARS HYDRO will be right by the website link if you would like to SAVE SOME MONEY!!! For this weeks video I will be going over weeks 9-10 of veg as well as install my homemade semi-automatic watering system before flipping to flower!! Much love everybody!!!</p> <p>* Mars Hydro Website Link:</p> <p>* Mars Hydro Discount Code: IEG</p>