'Love jihad plot to make Kerala Islamic state': UP CM Yogi campaigns for BJP

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath campaigned in Kerala ahead of elections. Adityanath raised the issue of 'love jihad' in BJP campaign. Hindutva groups call 'love jihad' a plot to convert Hindu women. The UP government recently brought the law to regulate inter-faith marriages. The BJP is trying to dislodge the left government in Kerala. “In 2009, Kerala High Court had pointed out the love jihad problem to the government. Kerala govt didn't make any strict law against love jihad plot. After just few cases in UP, we made a law against love jihad. The court had said love jihad is plot to make Kerala an Islamic state. Despite that, Kerala govt is sleeping and is not worried about security. No action has been taken by the state govt over plot against Kerala and the country,” said Yogi Adityanath. Watch the full video for more.