Jack 47 XL Autoflower

<p>This is Jack 47 XL autoflower, a sativa, a cross between Jack Herer and AK 47. The XL denotes a robust producer. Plant grew to a height of 20&quot; which is just perfect for a closet grow. I&#39;m entirely confident that it would grow to be taller and even more abundant if put in a larger vessel with more room. The strain originates from Sweet Seeds in Europe but I got a free seed locally from True North Seed Bank:</p> <p>https://www.truenorthseedbank.com/jack-47-xl-auto-feminized-seeds-sweet-seeds</p> <p>As can be seen from the video, this plant flowered abundantly and was more than I&#39;d been hoping for. It looked like a photo from a seed catalog! It also smells fantastic. This was a tremendous result to get from a free seed!Try it, you&#39;ll like it!<br /> </p>