Couple Surprise Parents With Rainbow Baby Reveal Inside Pizza Box | Happily TV

A couple gave their beloved parents the ultimate surprise when they opened pizza and cookie boxes to discover their kids were set to welcome a rainbow baby. Courtney and Lucas Evett, from Dallas, Texas, experienced loss in December 2022, when Courtney went through an ectopic pregnancy, where a fertilized egg cannot survive outside the uterus. Having overcome this difficult period, the couple started trying for a baby again, and on July 17 they captured the moment Courtney discovered she was pregnant with their rainbow baby. The couple decided they wanted to surprise their parents with the good news, and so they came up with the idea of hiding the announcement in some of their favorite foods. Each week, Lucas, 30, and Courtney, 29, head to Courntey's parents – Kristi and Michael O'Roark – for dinner, and so they thought this would provide the perfect cover. Rather than turn up with a gift, which would raise suspicion, the couple suggested pizza for dinner on August 12, hiding their announcement inside a Papa John's box. Then, for Lucas's mom, Ellen Copley, who lives in Wisconsin, the couple prepared a surprise for when they flew in to visit her on August 25, hiding the announcement inside a box of Crumble Cookies.