Season 4 - Episode 10 - Jigging Squid and Topwater Bluefin Tuna

Before motoring out to Stellwagen Bank for some exciting bluefin tuna topwater action, we meet up with On The Water’s Jay Baver, who is jigging the waters of Woods Hole in mid-May during the annual squid run. Using a tandem squid rig, Jay pulls a bucketful of these cephalopods from the harbor, some of which are destined for the bait freezer while others await the frying pan. Then it’s off to the tuna grounds! Captain Terry Nugent and crew have to work fast as soon as feeding tuna are spotted because these speed demons rarely stay in one place for long. A fish call comes over the radio, and Terry and “Jolly” Roger Swiderski motor to the numbers to find tuna blasting halfbeaks. Hopefully these pelagics will soon be blasting their topwater plugs.