That's My Take With Jake: Suspend Tom Wilson, Year of the Doge, & Transgender Student-Athletes

Monday night put the NHL at centerstage after Washington Capitals player Tom Wilson received 10 minutes of penalties in a single period due to punching a player that was facedown on the ice and then throwing a player face first into the ice. Jake gives his take on whether the NHL gave a proper punishment to Wilson who is a repeat offender. Jake also takes a look at cryptocurrency in sports and how Dogecoin has gained a boost by the likes of Mark Cuban, the Houston Rockets, and the Oakland Athletics. Plus two NFL players are receiving their salaries in Bitcoin, so Jake breaks down the impact sports is having on the cryptocurrency market. Lastly, Jake addresses the increase of state legislatures debating, and in some cases passing, bills that target transgender high school students. Jake calls out these anti-transgender bills for being a political pawn regarding a non-issue, and he worries how some of these bills will ultimately be enforced.