<p>WHAT&#39;S PUFFIN MUTHAPUFFAS! Thanks for PUFFIN with me once again, in this video I am using the Cookies x Stundenglass Collab Gravity Bong. I highly recommend this device to any MUTHAPUFFA who is looking for the ultimate high! If you are a glass piece connoisseur then this piece is also definitely the one for you! And if you are tired of making your own faulty gravity bongs from the old plastic bottle then this one is most definitely for you! The Stundenglass has changed my life when it comes to water pipes/bongs. I rarely use my other bongs because the Stundenglass literally does it all! I didn&rsquo;t get to demo the GPen products in this video because it was getting too long. So stay tuned for the demo of the GPen devices in my next videos.</p> <p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>KEEP ON PUFFIN WITH ME MUTHAPUFFAS!</p> <p>MUTHAPUFFIN MERCH &amp; EVENTS: WWW.BADMUTHAPUFFA.COM</p> <p>IG: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @tylertherapytheater</p> <p>TIKTOK: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @prettymuthapuffa</p> <p>TWT: Tyler Therapy YouTube: Tyler Therapy</p>