I was tricked into a pyramid scheme..

<p>Hola Pobres,</p> <p>Yes once upon a time I was too a pobrectia like you... This is just only when I was 19 so Iwas 50/50 about it all really. Not gonna lie, i may be dumb but i aint stoopit (6ix9ine Voice). I didnt actually need money i thought it was a life coach program either way..but really I didtake something from this so if you have a similar story please share it!! I love hearing other peoples stories.</p> <p>She actually hit me up last week and we were on a zoom call. Idodged the first one but thenshe was pretty peristent on making another call haha so we did the next week. She was very polite and wasn&#39;t tryna get me to buy an encyclopedia so I think im safe.</p> <p>Thsi is my only social media i care to share :) i do this for fun and im too outta pocket lol</p>