People Prefer Sustainable Travel But Don't Always Uptake It

People want to travel sustainably, but they’re not always doing it. It’s a phenomenon dubbed the ‘sustainability say-do gap’. 4 out of 5 consumers worldwide say sustainable travel is important, 90% say they look for sustainable options when traveling, and 2 in 3 say they want to make more sustainable choices on their next trip. But the slow uptake of sustainable travel products suggests travelers aren’t following through when it comes to the crunch. The ‘sustainability say-do gap’ could be caused by several factors, like limited availability of sustainable travel products and options, lack of consumer awareness around sustainability concepts and the products that do exist, concerns about whether these sustainable products are credible, etc. Sustainable travel providers can overcome these barriers by boosting the range and awareness of options. For example, by making them more attractive to price-conscious travelers, recognizing and rewarding tourists who do make sustainable choices, providing a frictionless purchase experience, and making claims to sustainability more transparent. Watch for more details about sustainable travel.