Supercritical Q&A: What Happens When Cannabis is a Commodity?

<p>Jay Caauwe survived the Black Monday crash, the Asian debt crisis, the dotcom bubble, and the financial crisis of &#39;08. Jay&#39;s extensive experience in financial product development includes VIX options and futures, SPX options, corporate bond index futures, and bitcoin futures. Jay spent 17 years as a floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CMEGroup). Prior to co-founding Supercritical, Jay served as Senior Director for Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe).</p> <p>Jay went on and co-founded Supercritical to provide full-spectrum consulting services designed to extract maximum value for their clients. They focus on advancing investors&rsquo; participation in the cannabis, hemp, and ancillary marketplaces. Supercritical provides expertise on product branding and launches, go-to market strategy, workflow optimization, capital raising readiness, capital Introductions.</p> <p>Show Notes:<br /> Jay Caauwe Co Founder; Managing Partner; Supercritical<br /></p> <p>Supercritical, LLC<br /></p> <p>Host:<br /> Josh Kincaid, Capital Markets Analyst &amp; host of your cannabis business podcast.<br /></p> <p>Episode 671 of The Talking Hedge interviews Jay Caauwe Co Founder; Managing Partner Supercritical...<br /> Your Cannabis Business Podcast.<br /> ​Covering cannabis products, reviews, business news, interviews, investments, events, and more.<br /></p> <p>Music Info:<br /> Song: Dark Trap Beats Hard Rap Instrumental | Gang | 2018Artist: LuxrayBeats</p> <p>Keywords:<br /> Hemp News, Weed News, Cannabis News, Marijuana News, Cannabis Business, Marijuana Business, Cannabis Industry News, Marijuana Industry News, Weed News 420, Talking Hedge Podcast, Cannabis Podcast, Marijuana Podcast, Business Podcast, CBD podcast, THC podcast, Cannabis Pitch Deck, Marijuana Pitch Deck, Marijuana Investment Deck, Cannabis Investment Deck, Cannabis Compliance, Cannabis Data, Cannabis Banking, Cannabis Investment, Pot Stocks, Cannabis Stocks, Weed Stocks, Marijuana Stocks, Cannabis Data, Marijuana Data, Cannabis Analytics, Marijuana Analytics, Cannabis Sales Data, Marijuana Sales Data</p> <p>Josh is not an investment adviser. The Talking Hedge is long gold and silver. Listeners should always speak to their personal financial advisers.</p>