THE DOUBLE STEP OVER - Advanced Dribbling Skills

THE DOUBLE STEP OVER - Advanced Dribbling Skills. USSF certified coach and former NAIA All-American, Mike Araujo, teaches the double step over and how to master it using a drill in this soccer dribbling video. Players begin practicing the motion while standing still. They should focus on dropping their shoulder with each fake, using their body to sell the movement, and taking their final touch at an angle to take them by the defender. Once comfortable conducting the double step over while standing still, they should practice it will dribbling in a straight line. Again, they should emphasize dropping their shoulder to trick the defender, and taking their final touch at an angle. They should also try to keep their head up as much as possible, and accelerate right after their final touch so that there is a change in both direction and speed after the move to dribble defenders. The double step over is a great way to beat opposing players. It is done by players at all levels, including professional. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous examples of players often using the step over to beat defenders. It is important that the dribbler doesn't always do two step overs, but sometimes one, sometimes two, sometimes none, so defenders are not able to predict the movement. Players can practice this soccer drill at home, inside or outside, anywhere they have just a bit of space and a ball. Frequent repetition is needed to master the movement. Once players learn how to do the step over, they should apply it in games in the attacking third to dribble defenders.