How To Make An Apple Pipe - SUPER FAST

Time for a classic; making a Marijuana Apple Pipe with the least items...nothing but an apple and a spoon. Virtually no skill required. Every stoner whose run out of options has done this at some point. Today we'll show you how. As you can imagine, you can use all sorts of other items depends on the fruits & veggies you have on-hand... like carrots, watermelon, broccoli, mango and pretty much anything else you can penetrate in a similar pattern. I want to stress that this should not be an every day practice, but rather a last resort when you have no real pipe; burning weed in this way is very inefficient as you'll discover when you try it. You can help me LOTS just by shopping at my Amazon Store...all grow gear and proper PIPES... hand-picked by me: Learn how to pick out a permanent pipe: Hit me up on FB: My Twitter: Get a big pack of screens online: (amazon affiliate) Have a pressing question for me? Need to get in touch? See my 420 Club for more info: SEEDS - Please go to the following URL for worldwide shipping from an established, legal company + a deal on seeds (if the link doesn't work, you gotta pause Adblock, also, make sure you favorite this link):