DECISION MAKING FOR SHOTS - Winning Shooting Skills 3 • Ages 10-13

Former US National Champion, Coach Eric De Sousa teaches the importance of Decision Making in the Final 3rd. The attacking parts of the field are where players face the most pressure, so composure and decision making are crucial. In this drill, as like in Progressions 1 and 2, the players are square to the defender awaiting the coach’s cue. After using misdirection and creating space with their touch, the coach will call 1 of 2 colors - blue or orange - that correlates to where they should aim. When a player only has less than a couple of seconds to decide where to put the ball, their eyes must survey the keepers position to make the best decision to score, and this drill emulates that exact moment. It is important to make every shot count by putting it on target. 10-15 Shots recommended at the end of every training session to build consistency and good habits. The position and distance of the shot can be altered for every session.