Free My Cure RSO Video Diary 11 with Nicola Dickens

<p>This is 100 grams of Rick Simpson oil made from Gorilla Bomb. Gorilla Bomb is a hybrid between Gorilla Glue #4 and THC Bomb both hybrid India&#39;s. This is Gorilla Bomb&rsquo;s maiden voyage for Rick Simpson Oil in the United States to date so we will be learning together with this strain.<br /> My days are slowly getting better, this makes me happy hopefully sleep and I will be good bedfellows this evening. I did my RSO about an hour earlier than normal hoping it will help me sleep. I understand now that this is normal and not to worry so I&#39;ll let you know when it subsides. <br /><br /> Live Free, Fly High, and FUCK CANCER!!<br /> <br /> WEBSITE:<br /> YOUTUBE:<br /> GOOGLE +:<br /> Free My Cure FACEBOOK:<br /> FACEBOOK:<br /> TWITTER:</p>