Dad Opens Gift To Find Residency Card, Reunites With Family At Home After 14 Years

A toddler couldn’t hide her emotions when she was reunited with her military dad after eight months apart. Lola Dowdy, aged two, was a lot smaller when her dad Dawson Dowdy of the United States Navy last saw her. Dawson, from Virginia, had spent the previous eight months on deployment overseas, which was extremely tough according to his wife, Emily, because of the time difference. So ahead of him retuning home, Lola was extremely excited, and as she waited at the naval station airport while each person came through the doors on March 19 her anticipation grew. Then, when her father came into the room and lifted her up for a long-awaited hug, the moment got too much for the youngster – looking into her father's eyes, she welled up with tears of joy. This is the emotional moment a dad finally received permanent residency allowing him to travel home to visit his parents in Mexico for the first time in almost 15 years. Claudia Morales, from Maryland, revealed her parents arrived in the U.S. in search of a new life for their family, but it meant leaving behind their own families with no idea when they would be reunited. After 14 years of uncertainty, her dad finally received his permanent resident documents, which meant he could re-enter the country after traveling abroad. When the card arrived, Claudia’s mom gift-wrapped it inside a small box, before excitedly giving it to her husband – with him joking it seemed like a marriage proposal. As he opened the box his eyes lit up as he realized what the moment meant, shouting “Oh boy! Oh boy! U.S. residency oh my goodness! Wooh!” celebrating how he could finally head home to see his family.