What Needs To Happen At The 2023 UN Water Conference?

The UN Water Conference is the first United Nations conference on water in 46 years. According to experts and innovators: <i>“More than 95% of natural disasters in the world are actually water related, so we cannot actually address the climate crisis or issues around carbon or any other natural issues if we don’t address water and specifically freshwater,”</i> says Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Chairperson of HCLTech. <i>“I think that there are concrete outcomes on a number of fronts. One is really to recognise the role of water around the nexus of issues across climate, health, food and economy. The second will be ownership at the country level. And the third is, I think, a real commitment from the multilateral agencies and others that are working hard to shepherd those other agendas across this year, to already say, do we need a second water conference, and the answer should be no”,</i> says, Tania Strauss, Head, Food and Water, World Economic Forum. Watch to learn more about what the experts look forward to from the UN Water Conference, 2023.