Rep. Meadows on Trump Spying: "Information Coming That Will Curl Your Hair"

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said Congressional Democrats are only interested in one thing -- a coordinated attack on President Donald. Meadows said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who has claimed for years he has evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, has documents that will "put the finger pointing back at him." Meadows said the information that will "curl your hair" will be coming out in days, not weeks. "I can tell you, there's information coming that will curl your hair," Meadows told FNC host Sean Hannity. "I can tell you that the reason why it's so visceral - the response from the Democrats is so visceral right now is because they know - they've seen documents. Adam Schiff has seen documents that he knows will actually put the finger pointing back at him and his Democrat colleagues, not the President of the United States. And so that's why you're seeing it." "I have pretty straight hair. How - how does my - why does my hair become curly?" Hannity asked. "When we talk about spying on a Trump associate, what I'm talking about is spying in the sense that the American people believe what spying is," he said. "That means secretly recording, taking down notes, making sure that they do covert operations." "We're talking about days, not weeks. So, very soon. Very soon," Meadows added.