Glammed-Up Friends Accidentally Book Nature Cruise Instead Of Sunset Cruise | Happily TV

A glammed-up group of girlfriends in their finest attire shared the hilarious moment they thought they were stepping onboard a fancy sunset cruise but had accidentally booked a nature-related voyage instead. Alexandria Davis, 29, from New York City, was on vacation with her friends Allison, Caroline, Shelby, Kristen and Meghan, in the Algarve, in Portugal, when the group decided they wanted to take some cute photos at sunset. They originally booked a private sunset cruise on a sailboat, but having then realized they'd booked the wrong, they started looking for similar cruises online. Having booked an alternative, the group headed to the municipality of Faro, where they had dinner and headed to their boat, which was advertised as having no food and drink provided, Alexandria said. Once they walked to the small lakehouse dock and greeted the pontoon boat that was waiting for them, the group discovered what they had really signed up for. Despite wearing nice outfits and being prepared for some "cute photos" on a sunset cruise, the friends were handed lifejackets and readied for a nature cruise. Over the following hours, Alexandria noted the likes of a poster to help with bird spotting, while their guide informed them about the local sea horse population and dolphins of the surrounding areas. As the moments of realization hit Alexandria's friends, the 29-year-old captured wholesome bursts of giggles, smiles and full-on laughter at the situation the friends in their fancy outfits had gotten themselves into. Throughout the journey the group were completely respectful of the cruise, though, Alexandria added, and they interacted with the guide and even each took a turn in the captain’s chair, driving the boat. They were also able to capture some nice sunset photos and sent parts of the journey catching up.