Stoney's Edibles Review | THC Reviews Medible Munchies

<p>Welcome to another episode of Medible Munchies, Today we are diving in deep into these Stoneys Edibles, these are the favorites you had as a kid - medicated with premium d9 Distillate making them the perfect edibles for the stoner adult.</p> <p>These come in 3 varieties - Fuzzy Peach, Cherry Blaster and Sour Watermelon - each candy dosed at 50mg and each pag coming in at 500mg, these are pretty decent dose for most, or making the bag anice dose for those of use with higher tolerances. The best part about these are how stealth they are, no cannabis scent or taste makes them perfect for dosing on the go (dont drive high!)</p> <p></p>