Trainwreck Auto Cleaned Up For the Chop-Chop Snip-Snip

<p>I removed most of the extra leaves that were hanging off the plant. I am chopping her down tomorrow.</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>First off I need to thanks crop kings seeds for sending me such great seeds.<br /> FoxFarm I love you. I used HappyFrog soil. and the whole liquid nuit line up.</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>5 gallon pots Ro water PH6.2 and LSTing for the win. I only LSTed for the first 30 days then i spent every week taking leaf off. The plant made so many leaves so removing them was the best way to get light to my cola stacking were all the bud come from.</p> <p></p> <p>Tip&#39;s</p> <p>1#<br /> Biggest thing I can tell a new grower DON&#39;T HARVEST TO SOON. Alot of people get excited about growing reefer and shit so do I but it hard not to harvest early. When you harvest early your wasting all your hard work for weed that isn&#39;t worth a damn. Your buds get there fattest in those last few weeks, so who care what the recommended grow time is. Grow it till it&#39;s done.</p> <p>2#<br /> Always check your run off ppm. Why do I need to check it? Because if your using soil like me, you are building up the soil nuit levels. Once the soil is loaded with nuits you let the plant eat those nuits by WATER ONLY watering. Then you check your RUN OFF PPM.</p> <p>3#<br /> Plant&#39;s need Two different light. One light is for flowering. The other light is for vegging. If your using LED&#39;s The red blue pink light are better for veg, they can flower buds but your buds will be limp dicked and never get fat or big. The yellow light is crucial for big flowers. I use a sunlike led light was around a hundred bucks now Im getting proper cola stacking and bud sizes.</p>