Pompeo: U.S. Will Give Israel Diplomatic, Legal, And Military Resupply Support In Any War With Iran, However Long

In an interview Thursday with syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged that Israel can rely on diplomatic, legal, and military resupply aid in any war with Iran, however long. <blockquote>HUGH HEWITT: I’m joined now by the United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Mr. Secretary, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show. MIKE POMPEO: Hugh, it’s great to be with you again. Hope you’re doing well. HH: I’m doing well. Former Ambassador to the United States from Israel, Michael Oren, joined me earlier this morning. He sends along his warm hello. He talked about Israel being on the cusp of war with Iran, and that America’s tough policy and Iranians’ increasing recklessness leaves them vulnerable. And he said, I want to quote here, "the resupply of critical ammunition is going to be necessary, and that Israel will need a diplomatic and legal iron dome at the Security Council and the International Criminal Court if war breaks out." Will Israel get that diplomatic and legal iron dome, Mr. Secretary? MP: Look, we’ve been very clear about a couple of things that you just referred to. First, with respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran, we flipped the U.S. policy there. The previous administration guaranteed Iran a path to nuclear weapons systems, allowed them to foment terror, and allowed their missile system to run amok. President Trump has directed that we do just the opposite – to deny them the resources to create risks not only for the United States and its citizens, but for Israel as well. And we’ve been successful with that. And we’ve also been incredibly supportive each time Israel has been forced to take actions to defend itself, the United States has made it very clear that that country has not only the right but the duty to protect its own people. And we are always supportive of their efforts to do that. So with respect to ensuring that Israel is treated fairly at the United Nations, Israel can certainly count on the United States of America. HH: I know it’s not your writ. It belongs to your colleague over at the Pentagon. Will they get the ammunition resupply that happened when Nixon sent it on the Yom Kippur war? Do you think the President would resupply the ammunition they need? MP: We’re constantly in conversations about that, making sure that we collectively have defense systems capabilities that are appropriate for their needs. I have every confidence this president who moved our embassy and who made clear Israel’s rights in the Golan Heights will do all that is necessary to ensure that our great partner in Israel will be protected.</blockquote>